Joshua Platt

“A product is more than an idea, it’s more than a website, and it’s more than a transaction or list of functionalities. A product should provide an experience or service that adds value to someone’s life through fulfilling a need or satisfying a desire. The ultimate question then becomes: who identifies that value? After the executive or stakeholder identifies the initial idea, who in the organization ensures that the product and experience deliver value to the user? Maybe it isn’t the product manager, marketer, technologist, or designer; perhaps what we need is a new role: the product storyteller.”

— Sarah Doody

Sarah does an excellent job explaining something I’ve been lobbying for the past year. Products can’t just be the manifestation of a feature list. They tell a story. They engage the user and carry them on a journey. That’s why we need more storytellers at the heart of each product development team. I agree 100% with Sarah that we need a new role to make the most of this idea: Product Storytellers.

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